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27 BC "Restoration of the Republic", really the beginning of the Empire. Octavian receives the tile of Augustus. Pantheon of M. Agrippa built Provinces divided between Augustus and senate. Augustus takes Spain, Gual, Syria and keeps Egypt
23 BC Augustus resigns the consulship. Death of Marcellus Failure of expedition to Arabia
20 BC   Augustus in Asia. Sumbission of Parthians
19 BC Death of Virgil and Tibullus Conquest of North Spain
17 BC Social legistlation. Secular games. Horace as laureate. Augustus adopts Gaius and Lusius his grandsons  
16 BC   German invasion of Gaul.
13 BC   Defeat of Lollius. Drusus in Gaul for conquest of Germany
12 BC Dedication of Ara Pacis Augustae  
11 BC Theatre of Marcellus built  
9 BC End of Livy's History Death of Drusus after four campaigns in Germany
8 BC Deaths of Horace and Maecenas Tiberius in Germany
4 BC   Death of Herod. Probable date of birth of Christ
2 BC Bansihment of Julia  
2 AD Death of Lucius and Gaius Caesar. Tiberius adopted  
4 AD Building of "Maison Carree" at Nimes Tiberius' annual campaigns in Germany
6 AD Establishment of military chest at Rome. Temple of Castor rebuilt Judaea becomes a province (census of Quirinius). Great revolt in Pannonia
8 AD Bansihment of Ovid  
9 AD   Subjection of Pannonia. Defeat of Varus by Arminius in Germany
14 AD Death of Augustus. Succession of Tiberius, Political extinction of the comitia. Extension of law of treason and growth of information (delatio)  
16 AD   Germanicus defeats the germans under Arminius at Idistavisus
27 AD Tiberius retires to Capri. Sejanus in command of Rome  
37 AD Death of Tiberius; accession of Gaius (Caligula) Futile expedition towards Britain
41 AD Caligula murdered by praetorian guard; accession of Claudius New provinces incorporated: Mauretania, Lycia, Thracia (46) and Judaea. Conquest of Britain begun (43)
54 AD Nero  
55 AD Poisoning of Britannicus  
61 AD   Revolt of Boudicca in Britain
64 AD Fire at Rome, and first persecution of the Christians  
68 AD   Revolt of Vindex in Gaul and Galba in Spain
68 to 69 AD Year of the Four Emperors:
Galba, June - Jan. 69
Otho, Jan. - April
Vitellius, April - Dec.
69 AD Vespasian, "The Flavian Dynasty" Revolt of Batavians under Civilis
70 to 78 AD Erection of Colosseum, Arch of Titus, and Baths of Titus Siege and destruction of Jerusalem
79 AD Titus. Eruption of Vesuvius. Herculaneum buried in mud and Pompeii in ashes. Death of elder Pliny  
81 AD Domitian Progress of Agricola in Scotland. Construction of German limes
86 AD   War against the Dacians
96 AD Murder of Domitian. Nerva, repealed law of treason and reduced taxes  
98 AD Trajan, built Forum Traiani, Basilica Ulpia and Column of Trajan (101-102) First Dacian War.
(105-106) Second Dacian War. Dacia becomes a province.
(114-116) Invasion of Parthia, capture of Ctesiphon. New provinces: Armenia, Mesopotamia, Assyria and Arabia

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