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The Troubled Century

*The Troubled Century Overview

The "Troubled Century" section of this web site deals with the events that occurred during the 2nd and 3rd centuries. From the Emperor of Commodus in 192 AD to Claudius II, who managed to re-unite the Roman Empire, this page is a comprehensive summary of the history of this time.

*The Year of the Six Emperors

Emperor Commodus was assassinated on New Year's Eve, 192 AD. The year after, 193 AD, was a year that saw six emperors for the Roman Empire. This page details the circumstances behind each of their short reigns.

*The Parthian Wars

This page outlines the conflict that existed between the Romans and their easterly neighbours, the Parthians during the first, second and third centuries.

*The City of Rome under the Severans

The Severan dynasty began in 193 AD with Lucius Septimius Severus, and ended in 268 AD with the death of P. Licinius Egnatius Gallienus. Find out more about this interesting time period at this page.

*Roman Africa

Find out how important a role Africa played in the success of the Roman Empire on this page.

*The Empire at Bay

Find out about the Goths and the Persians, enemies of the Roman Empire.

*The West Breaks Away

This page discusses how the western segment of the empire broke away from the rest of the empire in 260 AD and managed to stay independent for close to 15 years.

*The Rise and Fall of Palmyra

The semi-independent city state of Palmyra rose in 266 AD, but saw its success crumble away, as the city was destroyed just seven years later in 273 AD. Find out more about Palmyra on this page.