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From City to Empire

*City to Empire Overview

This page offers a quick summary of the events that occurred from 756 BC to 27 BC. From the origins of the city of Rome to the start of the Civil Wars in Rome, this overview is helpful for those who want a brief outline of this period.

*The Origins of Rome

From the Tarquin invasion to the early development of the city of Rome, this page deals with origins of Rome.

*The Unification of Italy

In the development of the Roman Empire, the Romans frequently became involved in wars with other nations. This page discusses how the Romans managed to unify the country of Italy.

*The Wars with Carthage

For many years, the Romans were involved in wars with Carthage beginning in the 3rd Century BC. This page includes information on the wars themselves, including information about the First Punic War.

*Rome's Conquest of the East

A detailed investigation of the conquest that enabled the Romans to take control over the East can be found on this page.

*The Over-Mighty Generals

This page outlines the history of the generals that led the armies of the Roman Empire.

*Caesar's Conquest of Gaul

One of the best known events in Roman history is Caesar's conquest of Gaul. Find out more about this great episode on this page.

*Crossing the Rubicon

Despite senatorial objections, Caesar led his army into Italy and occupied Rome. Find out how he accomplished this on this page.

*Civil Wars

After the death of Julius Caesar, control of the empire was left to Mark Antony and Octavian. This page discusses how the power of the empire was divided between the two and what resulted from it.