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Vespasian and the Jewish War

Roman control of Judaea was resented by religiously committed Jews and in the spring of 66 AD, this dislike turned into an open revolt.

The rebels captured Jerusalem and defeated the force, which was led by Cestius Gallus, at Beth-Horon. These conquests allowed the rebels to take control of large areas of Judaea and Galilee. Nero, realizing the seriousness of this revolt, sent Vespasian with a force of three legions and numerous auxiliaries. In 67 AD, Vespasian restored control of Galilee and coastal cities of Judaea, and the following year took over Jericho and Emmaus, leaving Jerusalem vulnerable.

Uncertainty in the homeland caused the voyage of Vespasian to stop. Nero had been overthrown and Vespasian headed back to Alexandria and than Rome and in July 69 AD, he was proclaimed the new emperor. He left his son Titus to fight the rest of the Jewish war and after seven months in September 70 AD, Titus captured Jerusalem. Most rebels abandoned the cause realizing it was hopeless while still others fought in fortresses that were later over taken by the Romans.