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Roman Historical Eras

*From City to Empire (755 BC - 27 BC)

These pages offer a summary of the events that occurred from 756 BC to 27 BC. From the origins of the city of Rome to the start of the Civil Wars in Rome, this overview is helpful for those who want a brief outline of this period.

*Imperial Regime (27 BC - 102 AD)

These pages outline the entire history of the regime that was in place in the Roman Empire between the years of 27 BC to 102 AD.

*Imperial Peace (102 AD - 280 AD)

The 2nd Century was a time of peace and stability for the Romans. These pages outline the history of the empire, from the expansion of the empire under Trajan's command to the epidemic diseases during 160 AD.

*Troubled Century (192 AD - 280 AD)

The "Troubled Century" section of this web site deals with the events that occurred during the 2nd and 3rd centuries. From the Emperor of Commodus in 192 AD to Claudius II, who managed to re-unite the Roman Empire, these pages are a comprehensive summary of the history of this time.

*Restoration and Fall (280 AD - 476 AD)

From Diocletian, who came to power in 284 AD to the collapse of the empire, these pages outline the restoration and fall of the Roman Empire.