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Imperial Regime

*Imperial Regime Overview

This page outlines the entire history of the regime that was in place in the Roman Empire at this time.

*The New Order

This page outlines how Octavian became the first emperor of the Roman Empire.

*The City of Rome under Augustus

The city of Rome and the rest of the empire was revamped as a result of an increasing population in Rome. This page discusses where and how Augustus spent the money on the Roman Empire.

*Claudius and the Conquest of Britain

In the early parts of the first century AD, Claudius decided to finish the job that Caesar has started: Britain and Wales were invaded.

*Vespasian and the Jewish War

This page outlines how Vespasian restored control of many cities during the Jewish War.

*Nero and the Year of the Four Emperors

Nero was only 16 when he succeeded his adoptive father, Claudius, to become the final emperor in the Julio-Claudian era. Galba, Otho, Vitellius and Vespasian succeeded Nero in 68 and into 69 AD.

*Trajan's Wars

This page deals with the two wars that Trajan was involved in: the first Dacian War and the war against the Parthians.