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Roman Historical Timelines

Year Domestic Events External Events
193 AD Pertinax murdered by soldiers. Didus Julianus bought the throne. Spetimius Severus proclaimed by the Illyrian legions. Great jurist Papinian flourishes Expedition to Britain. Emperor died at York. Strengthening of walls
211 AD Caracalla All inhabitants of provinces (expect Egypt) become citizens
217 AD Baths of Caracalla finished  
218 AD Elagabalus. Attempt to introduce Sun-worship  
222 AD Severus Alexander. The jurist Ulpian and the historian Dio Cassius flourished New Persian Empire of the Sassanidae begun
235 AD Maximinus Thrax  
238 AD Gordianus I and II and III  
244 AD Philippus the Arabian  
249 AD Decius. Persecution of Christians Defeat of the Goths in Thrace. Decius fell in the fighting
251 AD Gallus  
253 AD Aemilianus, then Valerianus War against German invaders, Franks, Alemanni, and Goths. Expedition to Persia. Emperor captured
260 AD Gallienus. Time of great confusion owing to pretenders. "The thirty tyrants" Tetricus sets up a rival empire in Gaul and Spain. Odenathus sets up an independant kingdom at Palmyra in Syria
268 Cluadius Gothicus Defeats German invaders
270 AD Aurelian (Restitutor Orbis). Wall around Rome Sacrifices Dacia across the Danube to the Goths. Repulses Alemanni and Marcomanne from Italian soil. Defeats Zenobia and destroys Palmyra. Defeats Tetricus
273 AD   Temple of the Sun constructed at Helipolis
275 AD Tacitus (choice of the senate)  
276 AD Probus Drives back the Barbarians and restores the defences

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