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Vocabulary D

Latin to English Translation

damno, damnare, damnavi, damnatus condemn
dare see do
de + abl. from, down from; about
dea, deae, f. goddess
debeo, debere, debui, debitus owe; ought, should, must
decem ten
decet, decere, decuit be proper
nos decet we ought
decido, decidere, decidi fall down
decimus, decima, decimum tenth
decipio, decipere, decepi, deceptus deceive, trick
declaro, declarare, declaravi, declaratus declare, proclaim
decorus, decora, decorum right, proper
dedi see do
dedico, dedicare, dedicavi, dedicatus dedicate
deduco, deducere, deduxi, deductus escort
defendo, defendere, defendi, defensus defend
defessus, defessa, defessum exhausted, tire out
defigo, defigere, defixi, defixus fix
defixio, defixionis, f. curse
deicio, deicere, deieci, deiectus throw down, throw
deiectus, deiecta, deiectum disappointed, downcast
deinde then
delecto, delectare, delectavi, delectatus delight, please
deleo, delere, delevi, deletus destroy
deliciae, deliciarum, f. pl. darling
deligo, deligare, deligavi, deligatus bind, tie, tie up, moor
demitto, demittere, demisi, demissus let down, lower
demonstro, demonstrare, demonstravi, demonstratus point out, show
demoveo, demovere, cemovi, demotus dismiss, move out of
demum at last
tum demum then at last, only then
denarius, denarii, m. denarius (a small coin worth four sesterces)
denique at last, finally
dens, dentis, m. tooth, tusk
densus, densa, densum thick
denuntio, denuntiare, denuntiavi, denuntiatus denounce, reveal
depello, depillere, depuli, depulsus drive off, push down
depono, deponere, deposui, depositus put down, take off
depromo, depromere, deprompsi, depromptus bring out
derideo, deridere, derisi, derisus mock, make fun of
descendo, descendere, descendi go down, come down
desero, deserere, deserui, desertus desert
desilio, desilire, desilui jump down
desino, desinere end, cease
desisto, desistere, destiti stop
despero, desperare, desperavi despair, give up
despicio, despicere, despexi look down
destino, destinare, destinavi, destinatus intend
destringo, destringere, destrinxi, destrictus draw out, draw (a sword), pull out
detestatus see detestor
detestor, detestari, detestatus sum curse
detraho, detrahere, detraxi, detractus pull down
deus, dei, m. god
di immortales! heavens above!
Deva, Devae, f. Chester
devoro, devorare, devoravi, devoratus devour, eat up
de see deus
diabolus, diaboli, m. devil
dico, dicere, dixi, dictus say
dicto, dictare, dictavi, dictatus dictate
dies, diei, m. day
dies festus, diei festi, m. festival, holiday
dies natalis, diei, natalis, m. birthday
difficilis, difficile difficult
difficillimus, difficillima, difficillimum very difficult
difficultass, difficultatis, f. difficulty
diffisus, diffisa, diffisum having distrusted
digitus, digiti, m. finger
dignitas, dignitatis, f. dignity, importance, honor, prestige
dignus, digna, dignum worthy, appropriate
dilanio, dilaniare, dilaniavi, dilaniatus tear to pieces
diligenter carefully
diligentia, diligentiae, f. industry, hard work
diligo, diligere, dilixi be fond of
dimitto, dimittere, dimisi, dimissus send away, dismiss
dirigo, dirigere, direxi, directus steer
diripio, diripere, diripui, direptus tear apart, ransack
dirus, dira, dirum dreadful, awful
dis see deus
discedo, descedere, discessi depart, leave
disciplina, disciplinae, f. discipline, orderliness
discipulus, discipuli, m. disciple, follower
disco, discere, didici learn
discordia, discordiae, f. strife
discrimen, discriminis, n. crisis
dissentio, dissentire, dissensi disagree, argue
dissimulo, dissimulare, dissimulavi, dissimulatus conceal, hide
distribuo, distribuere, distribui, distributus distribute
diu for a long time
diutius for a a longer time
dives, gen. divitis rich
ditissimus, ditissima, ditissimum very rich
divitiae, divitiarum, f. pl. riches
divus, divi, m. god
dixi see dico
do, dare, dedi, datus give
poenas dare pay the penalty, be punished
doceo, docere, docui, doctus teach
doctus, docta, doctum educated, learned, skillful
deleo, dolere, dolui hurt, be in pain
dolor, doloris, m. pain, grief
dolus, doli, m. trickery
domina, dominae, f. lady (of the house), mistress
dominus, domini, m. master (of the house)
domus, domus, f. home
domi at home
domum redire return home
donum, doni, n. present, gift
donis corrumpere bribe
dormio, dormire, dormivi sleep
dubium, dubii, n. doubt
ducenti, ducentaee, ducenta two hundred
duco, ducere, duxi, ductus lead
sorte ductus chosen by lot
dulcis, dulce sweet
dum while, until
duo, duae, duo two
duodecim twelve
durus, dura, durum harsh, hard
dux, ducis, m. leader
duxi see duco