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Rome Exposed Recognition

Rome Exposed has been designed to educate the world about Roman Life through the new medium of the Internet. We have constructed one of the FIRST fully interactive Roman Life websites on the Internet. It is our hope that in future this will encourage and allow teachers to use the Internet as a tool for teaching their students - not only about history - but all fields of study. Rome Exposed allows anyone from around the world to access information about Roman Life in a fun and interesting manner. And because of this, it entices the users of this site to research and learn more information about Roman Life.

The main authors of this site, Sumair Mirza and Jason Tsang, hope that you enjoy browsing through this site.

We have derived our information from the numerous sources listed below.

  • Johnston, Mary. Roman Life. Glenview, Ill. 1957.
  • Microsoft. Encarta 97 Deluxe. Microsoft Corp: Redmond, 1996.

Aside from the books we used to research the various accounts of Roman Life, there are many sources that we used to compile all of the information for the Rome Exposed site. Not only do we have to thank the Roman Life literature sources for their help, but also to the many contributors who took the time to add content to the Rome Exposed site. The following is an alphabetical listing of all the people who have made this site a reality. Included (where possible) is a baby picture beside each name:

Sumair Mirza

Sumair Mirza

  • One of the main authors of this site.
Jason Tsang

Jason Tsang

  • One of the main authors of this site.

Mr. Walters

  • Our teacher for Latin and all other classical studies

We would also like to thank all the people who helped type out all the information. Thank you all.