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Rome Exposed - Roman Life

Welcome to Rome Exposed, the site geared toward the spreading of information on Roman Life throughout the Internet. This site is one of the sections of Classics Unveiled. Please feel free to take a look around to learn about how the Romans lived. In the other sections of the Classics Unveiled, you can find information on Greek Mythology, Roman History and Latin Vocabulary and Derivatives.

This web site is based upon student summaries of various chapters of Mary Johnston's Roman Life. It is divided up into various sections including Roman Residences, Family Affairs, Slavery, Roman Attire and other various facets of life during the times of the Roman Empire.

To increase interaction between our site and the user, we have also created a game which can be accessed either at the top with the menubar or at the side. If you have time, we urge you to try your luck. Who knows, maybe you know more about Roman Life than you think!

We hope you enjoy learning about Roman Life at this site.