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Writers of Mythology


This magnificent littérateur has supplied us with the oldest works of literature known to us, the Iliad and the Odyssey. It is a controversial belief to believe that these writings were written around 1000 BC , yet there is no way that any date can be confirmed and the debate over the dating of these literary works will be argued for years to come. Homer is said to have been the greatest "personage writer of all-time" because of his unique ability to create an inordinate amount of perspective's to his character's such as Achilles, in the Iliad.


Virgil, a Latin poet, was born in 70 BC and died in 19 BC. Virgil unexpectedly did not believe in the myths but he somehow found human nature in the and he brought mythological individuals to life as no one has been capable of doing since the great Greek tragedians.


Ovid, a Latin Poet, was born in 43 BC and died in AD 17. Ovid was one of the most influential writers of his era. He maintained a cynical view of the gods, and yet added multidimensional perspectives to the mythological figures. He has been credited with such works as Loves (Amores), Metamorphoses, which made a decisive impact on Shakespeare's mind (Midsummer Night's Dream was inspired by Ovid' work).

*Other Major Writers

Other major writers of Mythology include Hesiod, Aeschylus, Apuleius, Apollonius of Rhodes and Theocritus. Click here to read about these writers.