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MythNET - Greek Mythology, Greek Myths

Welcome to MythNET, a site dedicated toward Greek Mythology and one of the sections of Classics Unveiled. Please feel free to take a look around at the myths, folklore and stories of the Olympians, Titans, and some of the greatest heroes. In the other sections of Classics Unveiled, you can find information on Roman History, Roman Life and Latin Vocabulary and Derivatives.

*The Twelve Olympian Gods

The Twelve Olympian Gods are the cornerstone of all the stories in Greek and Roman mythology. Included on the Olympian Gods page are brief summaries of the gods and their influence upon the great mythological stories of the Ancient World.

*Great Heroes

The lives of four of the greatest heroes in mythology are detailed on this page: Hercules, Theseus, Perseus and Atalanta. Each individual helped to contribute to the popularity of mythology today through the many feats that made them great.

*Genealogical Charts

The genealogical charts illustrate the relationship between the various gods in a family tree-style layout.

*Statement of Purpose

MythNET is a site designed to promote the growth of knowledge toward the great stories of Greek Mythology. This page was created to be an entry for our school York Mills C.I. in the 1997 Ontario Students Classics Conference. We are pleased to announce that our site was the recipient of the first place ribbon for the most outstanding project in the technological category of the Ontario Students Classics Conference. Since then, this site has also been featured by MSN as one of their sites of the day. We would like to thank all of our visitors for all their kind words of encouragement with regards to this page.