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Vocabulary H

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Latin to English Translation

habeo, habere, habui, habitus have
in memoria habere keep in mind, remember
minoris pretii haberre care less about
pro certo habere know for certain
pro hostibus habere consider as enemies
sermonem habere have a conversation, talk
habito, habitare, habitavi live
hac, hae, haec see hic
haereo, haerere, haesi stick, cling
haesito, haesitare, haesitavi hesitate
hanc see hic
haruspex, haruspicis, m. diviner, soothsayer
has see hic
hasta, hastae, f. spear
haud not
haudquaquam not at all
haurio, haurire, hausi, haustus drain, drink up
hercle by Hercules!
heres, herredis, m. f. heir
heir yesterday
heus! hey!
hic, haec, hoc this
hic here
hiems, hiemis, f. winter
hilare cheerfully
hinc from here
Hispania, Hispaniae, f. Spain
hoc, hoc see hic
hodie today
homo, hominis, m. person, man
homunculus, homunculi, m. little man, pip-squeak
honor, honoris, m. honour, official position
honoro, honorare, honoravi, honoratus honour
hora, horae, f. hour
horreum, horrei, n. barn, granary
hortatus see hortor
hortor, hortari, hortatus sum encourage, urge
hortus, horti, m. garden
horum see hic
hospes, hospitis, m. guest, host
hostis, hostis, m.f. enemy
huc here, to this place
huc illuc here and there, up and down
huic, huius see hic
humilis, humile low-born, of low class
humus, humi, f. ground
humum to the ground
hunc see hic
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