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Roman Historical Timelines

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Year Domestic Events External Events
282 AD Carus then Numerianus, then Carinus  
284 to 305 AD Diocletian resided chiefly at Nicomedia in Asia Minor, leaving the west to Maximian. Constantius and Galerius appointed Caesars. Persecution of Christians Persians defeated, Egyptian and British revolts crushed
307 AD Six "Augusti" claiming the purple, Constantine of Britain among them  
323 to 337 AD Constantine the Great (sole emperor). Christianity recognised by the State  
325 AD Arian conflict, Council of Nicaea  
330 AD Building of Constantinople  
361 to 363 AD Julian the Apostate endeavours to revive Paganism  
375 AD   Beginning of the great German folk-wanderings
379 to 395 AD Theodosius After Theodosius the division of the Empire becomes permanent Visigoths received in Maesia if Christians. Massacre of Thessalonica. St. Ambrose of Milan
395 AD Arcadius rules the East
Honorius rules the West

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400 AD Alaric invades Italy  
404 AD Imperial residence transferred from Rome to Ravenna  
409 AD Abandonment of Britain by Rome  
410 AD Capture and sack of Rome by Alaric  
415 AD Visigoths found a kingdom at Toulouse  
429 AD Vandals found a kingdom in Africa  
449 AD Anglo-Saxons begin to settle Britain  
451 AD Attila and the Huns defeated by Aetius and the Goths near Chalons  
452 AD Foundation of Venice  
455 AD Sack of Rome by the Vandals  
476 AD Odoacer, barbarian general, deposes the last Western emperor, Romulus Augustulus  
527 AD   Justinian emperor, Victories of Belisarius. Codification of law

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