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Vocabulary S

Latin to English Translation

saccarius, saccarii, m. slavedore, dock-worker
saccus, sacci, m. bag, purse
sacer, sacra, sacrum scared
sacerdos, sacerdotis, m. priest
sacerdotium, sacerdotii, n. priesthood
sacrificium, sacrificii, n. offering, sacrifice
sacrifico, sacrificare, sacrificavi, sacrificatus sacrifice
saepe often
saevio, saevire, saevii be in a rage
saevus, sarva, saevum savage, cruel
saltatrix, saltatricis, f. dancing-girl
salto, saltare, saltavi dance
salus, salutis, f. safety, health
salutem plurimam dicit sends his best wishes
salutatio, salutationis, f. the morning visit
saluto, salutare, salutavi, salutatus greet
salve! hello!
sane obviously
sanguis, sanguinis, m. blood
sano, sanare, sanavi, sanatus heal, cure, treat
sanus, sana, sanum well, healthy
sapiens, gen. sapientis wise
sarcinae, sarcinarum, bags, luggage
satis enough
saxum, saxu, n. rock
scaena, scaenae, f. stage, scene
scalae, scalarum, f. pl. ladders
scelestus, scelesta, scelestum wicked
scelus, sceleris, n. crime
scilicet obviously
scindo, scindere, scidi, scissus tear, tear up, cut up, cut open, carve
scio, scire, scivi know
scriba, scribae, m. secretary
scribo, scribere, scripsi, scriptus sculpt, carve
scurrilis, scurrile obscene, dirty
se himself, herself, themselves
secum with him, with her, with them
secum cogitare consider to oneself
seco, secare, secui, sectus cut
secretus, secreta, secretum secret
secundus, secunda, secundum second
securis, securis, f. axe
secutus see sequor
sed but
sedeo, sedere, sedi sit
sedes, sedis, f. seat
seditio, seditionis, f. rebellion
seditionem facere revolt
sella, sellae, f. chair
semper always
senator, senatoris, m. senator
senectus, senectutis old age
senex, senis, m. old man
sententia, sententiae, f. opinion
sentio, sentire, sensi, sensus feel notice
sepelio, sepelire, sepelivi, sepultus bury
septem seven
septuaginta seventy
sepulcrum, sepulcri, n. tomb
sequor, sequi, secutus sum follow
sequens, gen. sequentis following
serenus, serena, serenum calm, clear
sermo, sermonis, m. conversation
sermonem haver have a conversation, talk
servio, servire, servivi serve(as a slave)
servitus, servitutis, f. slavery
servo, servare, servavi, servatus save, protect
fidem servare keep a promise, keep faith
servus, servi, m. slave
sestertius, sestertii, m. sesterce(coin)
sestertium viciens two million sesterces
severe severely
severus, severa, severum severe, strict
sex six
sexaginta sixty
sextus, sexta, sextum sixth
si if
sibi see se
sic this, in this way
sicco, siccare, siccavi, siccatus dry
sicut like
significo, significare, significavi, significatus means, indicate
signo, signare, signavi, signatus sign, seal
signum, signi, n. seal, signal
silentium, silentii, n. silence
sileo, silere, silui be silent
silva, silvar,g. woods, forest
simul at the same time
simulac, simulatque as soon as
sine + abl. without
situs, sita, situm situated
sol, solis, m. sun
solacium, solacii, n. comfort
soleo, solere, be accustomed
sellemniter solemnly
sollicitus, sollicita, sollicitum worried, anxious
solum only
non solum...sed etiam not only... but also
solus, sola, solum alone, lonely, on one's own
solutus, soluta, solutum relaxed
solvo, solvere, solvi solutus loosen, untie, cast off
sonitus, sonitus, m. sound
sordidus, sordida, sordidum dirty
soror, sororis, f. sister
sors, sortis, f. lot
sorte ductis chosen by lot
spargo, spargere, sparsi, sparsus scatter
spectaculum, spectaculi, n. show, spectacle
spectator, spectatoris, m. spectator
specto, spectare, spectavi, spectatus look at, watch
specus, specus, m. cave
sperno, spernere, sprevi, spretus despise reject
spero, sperare, speravi hope, expect
spes, spei, f. hope
spina, spinae, f. thorn, toothpick
splendidus, splendida, splendidum splendid, impressive
sportula, sprtulae, g. handout
squalidus, squalida, squalidum covered with dirt, filthy
stabam see sto
statim at once
statio, stationis, f. post
statua, statuae, f. statue
statura, staturae, f. height
status, status, m. state
rerum status situation, state of affairs
stella, stellae, f. star
sterno, sternere, stravi, stratus lay low
stilus, stili, m. pen, stick
sto, stare, steti stand lie at anchor
Stooicus, Stoici, m. Stoic(believer in Stoic philosophy)
stola, stolae, f. (long) dress
strenue hard energetically
strepitus, strepitus, m. noise, din
studium, studii, n. enthusiasm, zeal
stultitia, stultitiae, f. stupidity, foolishness
stultus, stulta, stultum stupid, foolish
suavis, suave sweet
suaviter sweetly
sub+abl. under, beneath
subduco, subducere, subduxi, subductus draw up
rationes subducere draw up accounts, write up accounts
subito suddenly
sublatus see tollo
subscribo, subscribere, subscripsi, subscriptus sign
subvenio, subvenire, subveni help, come, to help
sudo, sudare, sudavi sweat
suffigo, suffigere, suffixi, suffixus nail, fasten
sum, ess, fui be
esto! be!
summus, summa, summum highest, greatest, top
sumptuose lavishly
sumptuosus, sumptuosa, sumptuosum expensive, lavish, costly
superbe arrogantly
superbus, superba, superbum arrogant, proud
supero, superare, superavi, superatus overcome, overpower
superstes, superstitis, m. survivor
supersum, superesse, superfui survive
surgo, surgere, surrexi get up, stand up, rise
suscipio, suscipere, suscepi, susceptus undertake, take on
suspicatus see suspicor
suspicio, suspicionis, f. suspicion
suspiciosus, suspiciosa, suspiciosum suspicious
suspicor, suspicari, suspicatus sum suspect
suspirium, suspirii, n. heart-throb
sustuli see tollo
susurro, susurrare, susurravi whisper, mumble
suus, sua, suum his, her, their, his own
sui, suorum, m. pl. his men, his family, their families