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Vocabulary O

Latin to English Translation

obdormio, obdormire, obdormivi fall asleep
obeo, obire, obii meet, go to meet
obesus, obesa, obesum fat
obicio, obicere, obieci, obiectus present
oblitus, oblita, oblitum having forgotten
obscurus, obscura, obscurum dark, gloomy
obstinatus, obstinata, obstinatum stubborn
obsto, obstare, obstiti obstruct, block the way
obstupefacio, obstupefacere, obstupefeci, obstupefactus amaze, stun
obtuli see offero
obviam eo, obviam ire, obviam ii meet, go to meet
occasio, occasionis, f. opportunity
occido, occidere, occidi, occisus kill
occido, occidere, occidi set
occupatus, occupata, occupatum busy
occupo, occupare, occupavi, occupatus seize, take over
occurro, occurrere, occurri meet
octavus, octava, octavum eighth
octo eight
octoginta eighty
oculus, oculi, m. eye
odi I hate
odio sum, odio esse be hateful
offero, offerre, obtuli, oblatus offer
officium, officii, n. duty
officium agere do one's duty
oleum, olei, n. oil
olim once, some time ago
omen, ominis, n. omen (sign from the gods)
omitto, omittere, omisi, omissus drop, leave out, omit
omnino completely
omnis, omne all
omnia all, everything
opes, opum, f. pl. money, wealth
oportet, oportere, oportuit be right
me oportet I must
oppidum, oppidi, n. town
opprimo, opprimere, oppressi, oppressus crush
oppugno, oppugnare, oppugnavi, oppugnatus attack
optime see bene
optimus see bonus
optio, optionis, m. optio (military officer ranking below centurion)
opus, operis, n. work, construction
oratio, orationis, f. speech
orbis, orbis, m. globe
orbis terrarum would
ordo, ordinis, m. row, line
orior, oriri, ortus sum rise
ornamentum, ornamenti, n. ornament, decoration
ornamenta praetoria the honorary, rank and privileges of a praetor
ornatus, ornata, ornatum decorated, elaborately furnished
orno, ornare, ornavi, ornatus decorate
oro, orare, oravi beg
ortus see orior
os, oris, n. face
osculum, osculi, n. kiss
ostendo, ostendere, stendi, ostentus show
ostento, ostenatare, ostentavi, ostentatus show off, display
otiosus, otiosa, otiosum at leisure, with time off, idle, on vacation